Baby, I'm bad news. (gagnez12gurl) wrote,
Baby, I'm bad news.

Really wish I had all sorts of stories to tell already, but we've been kind of lame since arriving here. Pande was really sick the first few days and then we'd finish dinner, be in bed by 8, and up at 4 or 5 in the morning for the duration of the afternoon. We went out last weekend and it made me feel so old. Not old in the sense that I want to be in my pajamas every night by 7, but more so in the sense that I was so excited to get dressed up to go out and get fucked up- especially considering the price of whiskey here. Now I prefer to go on hikes up the mountains and we are more partial to the cafes that are further down the road from the loud house music that never stops. This weekend I think we are headed to Lake Ohrid which should be fantastic because the weather's been overall shitty this week. It's a shame that there isn't a direct railroad from here to Bulgaria because that's what I desire, a long train ride with rakija, my laptop, fall weather, and Pande asleep on my lap.
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